Spec Sheets Test (database)

This page is a demo of a custom shortcode that does not rely on WP-Filebase for it’s short code or it’s query. If the WP-Filebase plugin stops working, then we can still display all the spec sheets without the plugin. This would happen if WordPress changes to require PHP 8.x as the minimum PHP level to run wordPress. This doesn’t solve the data entry issue…but it probably buys 4-6 months, until that could be re-built or re-thought or the website replaced.

If WordPress plans to stop supporting PHP 7.4, and forces all WordPress sites to use PHP 8.x then this is needed. This probably won’t occur any sooner than November 2022, and probably well after that, at which point it might not matter as the site has been re-designed, re-built or replaced.

The functions.php based shortcode has been ported to a plugin: “BTC Spec Sheets Shortcode”